Dual USB flash drive

Dual USB flash drive

Do you like travel?

Do you like taking photos?

Do you often think that your smartphone lack of memory?

Do you often delete videos, music and photos from your phone?

Do you often experience the crash of phone system?

If so, it’s time for you to get a dual USB flash drive. You don’t have to get a smartphone with large capacity, what’s more, a dual USB flash drive is much cheaper than a smartphone with large capacity.

At present, TOPESEL has several kinds of such products on sale. It's necessary for your holiday travel and business trips.


The USB flash drive has two connectors, one end is lightning port, and another end is USB3.0 port. The special structure enables the two ports hidden into the body to protect the ports from damage. Nice look, fashionable, simple and elegant.

dual USB flash drive

The USB flash drive has two connectors, one end is type-C port, and another end is USB3.0 port. The cap design can be dust-proof, and extend its life.

Briefly, a dual USB flash drive will perfectly solve your problem of insufficient memory for mobile phones. You can free your phone memory by storing favorite photos and videos to your flash drive, and don’t have to delete them any longer.

With the development of smartphone, smartphone is more popular than notebook and becomes the most important mobile devices in our daily life. Your life will be very funny with a portable mobile storage device.

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