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Our story

The data storage story of Topesel started in 2008, and over a decade of research and production experience in USB flash drives, MicroSD cards, Portable SSD, USB hubs, and so on, Topesel is now a leading professional data storage provider that has attracted customers around the world to come to appreciate. Backed up by a professional production base that integrates research and development, passionate TOPESEL utilizes advanced technology to bring extraordinary products that are far superior in performance, appearance, reliability, and service involving consultation, replace, and return warranty. Constantly pursuing technological innovation and research, TOPESEL expands into the area of intelligent devices with smart plugs, table lamps and more to make your life more convenient and intelligent. 

Our mission

Pursuing data transfer and storage technology persistently, Topesel is dedicated to providing exceptional products with performance excellence, value-for-money, and professional service.

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Our goal

Committed to quality supereminence and reliability, Topesel focuses on technological innovation and researching, reimaging better storage solutions to bring new and better products.

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