How Far has the USB Flash Drive Speed Gone

How Far has the USB Flash Drive Speed Gone

The speed of USB Flash Drive differs from the type of the ports and the manufacturers’ technology, but the former one makes the fundamental effect.

It's no difficulty to understand that USB 3.0 Flash Drive has possession of higher read and write speed. But how high? From a USB speed testing website. I saw the difference is about 2 to 4 MB/s, that doesn’t matter too much especially to USB thumb drives with small capacity. You may easily find the USB 2.0 Flash Drives cheaper than the USB 3.0. I guess that’s why the USB 2.0 flash drive stands still in the market even the USB 3.1 is menacing the last generations and mocking them with the speed.

 USB 2.0 flash drive speed vs USB 3.0 flash drive

The write and read speed of USB 3.1 Flash drive are doubled compared with the USB 3.0, yet the price is also increased, but if you are a photographer, and most of the files you transfer are videos and photos, you may consider the USB 3.1 pen drive for not wasting precious time on waiting.

USB 3.1 Flash drive speed 

There are many customized and personalized USB drive products selling online, most manufacturers are from China, with their cheap factory price and your creative thoughts, the tailored USB drive has no reason to be a plain one.  

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