How memory card gets damaged

How memory card gets damaged

Many reasons for damage to the memory card are caused by the improper use of it, such as failing to remove or insert the memory card in the correct way; when your mobile phone is running out of power, or the memory space is insufficient, you are still trying to add data to a memory card.

  1. When using a flash memory card, try to avoid hot-swapping the flash memory card.
  2. It is best not to use the flash memory card to write or read data when the digital equipment is almost out of power or when the battery is alarming.
  3. In the process of using the flash memory card, try to reserve a certain amount of space.

It may also be because the mobile phone memory card has been working for a long time, causing its temperature to be too high and burning. It may also be caused by a cell phone virus, or memory card falling on the ground, placing the cell phone in a high-temperature environment, etc., causing the memory card damage.

  1. When continuous shooting is not supported by your device (like the camera does not support it, or the speed of the memory card cannot keep up), it is best not to shoot continuously.
  2. Try to avoid virus infection.
  3. Try to avoid using flash memory cards on devices that do not meet specifications.
  4. The digital flash memory card should be handled with care as much as possible. Do not drop, bump, pinch, etc., which may cause damage; avoid contact with high temperature, high humidity, strong magnetic field, and strong electric field.

How to solve the above fault

Because the above incorrect operation directly leads to a logical failure of the flash memory card, after the control chip of the flash memory card detects the above incorrect operation, to protect the FLASH of the card from damage, the flash memory card will not be burned, the flash memory card will automatically add a logic lock, this is the automatic protection function of the flash memory card. The purpose is to protect the flash memory card. After being locked, we can connect the card reader through the computer or format it directly on the digital device, and general faults can be eliminated directly.

If the formatting fails, you can use professional software to format or low-level formatting.

If it is caused by the virus, we can use anti-virus software to remove the virus and achieve the purpose of repairing the card.

If there is important data, we can restore it through professional data recovery software.

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