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How to connect a USB drive with an Android phone (with OTG function)?

If you bought an ordinary USB flash drive without the OTG function, an extra OTG cable would be required. Plug the OTG cable into the computer and plug the phone into the other end, then it shall work. If it is a USB drive with OTG function, before connecting its port into the phone’s data port, the following steps shall be completed.

  1. Turn on the phone, find the settings, enter the settings, find <More> in the smart assistant, and click More.
  2. After entering more, click <OTG> (this is the switch to read the USB device on the phone).
  3. After clicking enter, turn on the switch, but it should be noted that this function needs to be restarted before it can be used. After restarting, the phone can use an external USB drive.

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