How to pick the memory card for your dashcam?

How to pick the memory card for your dashcam?

At present, more and more humanized and intelligent digital products are enriching our driving experience. Among them, the dashcam plays a particularly important role in driving safety and driving records. When encountering some disputes on roads and parking lots, the dashcam will be an important tool to protect your rights. There are some grumpy drivers are especially prone to small scratches, so a powerful dashcam and reliable storage the prove and make you feel more secure on the way.

About the functions, clarity and night vision capabilities of the current dashcams on the market are very powerful, and they can guard your car even in the dark. But many people may overlook the importance of the quality of the memory card, or do not know how to choose this memory card, so I will talk about the memory card writing requirements of the dash cam, the characteristics of the memory card, and tips before you buying one.

1. To work in 24 hours of continuous uninterrupted writing, a strong life of storage particles must be adopted

Nowadays, many dash cams shoot 24 hours a day, which means that the micro SD card is always in the state of being written and erased. If a memory card with inferior particles is used, the P/E erasing life of the particles will soon be exhausted. As a result, the problems of disk dropping, crashing, and loss of stored data occur, and this is really a disaster. Therefore, reliable storage of particles is the most important first guarantee for a dedicated memory card for dashcams.

High-quality memory cards must use original particles, because they play a decisive role in the quality of the memory card and offer a larger stacking capacity and higher reliability.

2. In order to save videos for a longer period of time, the memory card capacity must be large enough

Since the capacity of the memory card is not infinite, the recorder will delete the relatively old video on the memory card after it is full, so as to free up space to continue writing new video, so the date period that can be saved is also fixed, ranging from about 1 to 4 days. The larger the memory card capacity has, the longer the storage period lasts.

There are many choices of memory cards on the market. It is recommended that you choose 128 or 256GB. The capacity is large enough for older drivers to store videos for more than ten days, so if you want to save worry and trouble, extend the storage period, you can give priority to larger capacity of TF card. The larger is the memory card’s capacity, the higher the performance and durability will be displayed.

3. The higher resolution of the recorder equals the higher speed requirements of the memory card

The higher the definition, resolution, and bit rate of the recorded video lead to a higher video quality, but it requires a higher speed requirements of the memory card. If the reading and writing speed of the memory card can't keep up, the recorder will freeze when recording video, and the problem of recording failure will occur.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose a memory card that is fast enough for use in order to make the HD recorder work smoothly. A high-quality memory card should meet U1/C10 or above speed grade standards. Only a fast reading speed can assist ultra-high-definition travel recorders, and makes the videos transfer to your own computer faster and more efficient, which is 2-3 times faster than ordinary low-speed memory cards, and it also takes less time to read the video.

Therefore, in order for your car to be safer on the road or in the parking lot, a dash cam with powerful shooting capabilities, and a memory card with large capacity, high quality, and fast reading and writing speed are both required. It is the most reliable combination!

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