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How to pick the micro SD card for your GoPro action camera?

If you like to capture wonderful moments and replay them later someday, an action camera like GoPro is a perfect choice with the help of a reliable and high-performance micro SD card.

However, in the actual shooting process, Gopro's micro SD card has many limitations. Although GoPro is waterproof, many flash memory cards are not. We often need to replace flash memory cards when using GoPro. Friends who love extreme sports will naturally not have a good shooting environment, which is a big test for SD cards. If the micro SD card is damaged, it will blow everyone's enthusiasm for shooting.

Therefore, the author recommends that everyone consider the four aspects of "waterproof", "resistant to high and low temperatures", "anti-X-ray", and "anti-magnetic" to choose a suitable TF card to protect your data security in all aspects.


When you are shooting outdoors, if the memory card accidentally falls into the water when you change it, then you don't have to worry at all, just pick it up and wipe it clean and continue using.

High and low-temperature resistance

If you left the micro SD card in your car, the high temperature inside may reach 60 degrees in summer. If the storage temperature of the memory card supports -40 degrees to 85 degrees, and the operating temperature supports -25 degrees to 85 degrees, you can safely put the SD card and use it in any harsh environment!

X-ray protection

It is well-known that X-ray rays are harmful to the human body, but in fact, electronic components are also very likely to be damaged by X-ray rays. Traveling by plane and high-speed rail all need to go through security checks. If the SD card lost some data due to rays, all previous shooting will fall short.


Everyone now has a large number of electronic instruments, putting them in the bag at the same time will generate a lot of magnetic fields, and this magnetic field may affect the data of the flash memory card. It is best to choose a micro SD card with high Gaussian protection, even if it is placed in an MRI scanner, the data will not be damaged.

4K video recording

4K digital movie refers to a digital video with a resolution of 4096×2160, so it is also called 2160P, which means that there are 4,000 pixels in the horizontal direction, and it is currently the digital video with the highest resolution. If you love sports and want to use Gopro's 4K video recording function to record your high-definition moments, then a micro SD card that supports 4K video storage is essential. At this time, the main concern is the writing speed of the memory card, at least the V30 SD card writing speed can reach the 30MB/s required by 4K.

TOPESEL V30 micro SD card

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