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PD18W USB wall charger or 30W, which to buy?

18W and 30W refer to the maximum output power. The protocol itself has the highest supported power, but it does not mean that everyone supporting the corresponding protocol must reach the highest power. Find out how much power your device needs a PD charger before you decide to buy any. For example, PD 18W USB charger, suitable for iPhone8 and above series. If you just need to fast charge your iPhone, then choosing PD18W is enough!

Another example is PD30W wall charger, suitable for MacBook 12 inches, MacBook Air 13 inches (retina screen), iPhone8 to iPhoneXS Max series, iPad Pro 10.5/11/12.9 inches, iPad Air3 10.5 inches (PS: high-power backward compatible with low-power devices)

What about PD45W and PD65W?



MacBook 12”, MacBook Air 13”

Microsoft Surface Go, Dell Vostro 5370, Lenovo Yoga C930, Switch


iPad, Android phones and tablets



MacBook Pro 13”, ThinkPad X1, Dell 5290 Laptop


If it is an iphone or ipad, the initial speed of PD 30w USB charger is very fast, but it slows down in the middle and late stages. Generally speaking, it takes about the same time as 18w when it is fully charged, but it has a lot of heat, so it is recommended to use PD 18w to charge. If it is a macbook pro, it is recommended to charge with PD 65w.

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