TOPESEL Fingerprint Flash Drive

TOPESEL’s Encrypted USB Flash Drive Keep Data Safe

In the past many years, we have been storing our documents in the portable and common USB flash drives. If there is an option that can make sure your data safe, would you want to have a try? One of the ways you can choose to protect these data is to use a encrypted USB flash drive. Additional, TOPESEL can meet your needs.

Encrypted USB Flash Drive

TOPESEL has this kind of special Fingerprint USB 3.0 flash drive nowadays, which uses fingerprint authentication to protect your data. USB 3.0 interface makes its outstanding read/write speed, and it can recognize fingerprints in less than a second. You can set it up to recognize up to 10 different people, and it’s protected with fingerprint encryption to keep your files safe.

Mr John, a businessman, one of our customers who have bought our 64G fingerprint USB flash drive, surprisedly to find that the flash drive is 32G instead of the 64G he want. He was angry and didn’t know what happened until he contacted TOPESEL customer service.

TOPESE told him, the capacity of fingerprint flash drive contains public sectors and encryption sectors, and the public sector can be seen directly while inserting it into computer while encryption section can only be shown successfully after you identify related fingerprint; the capacity of each sector of 64GB flash drive is 32G.

What’s more, you should install related software to use the encryption sector. The public sector can be used as a common storage, everyone can use.

Now, the matter is solved. Mr John will backup his important business document, and share the encrypted documents to the people he want to share without worrying flash drive losing.

Data security revolution is coming, what are you waiting for?

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