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What to do if your phone cannot recognize the TF card?

If the phone cannot recognize the memory card, we suggest you:

  1. Check whether the memory card capacity is within the maximum space that can support the expansion card;
  2. Turn off the phone and restart it;
  3. Put the memory card in other mobile phones and see whether it can be used normally (check whether the SD card is damaged);
  4. Before formatting the memory card, insert the TF card into the card reader and connect it to the computer USB. The computer prompts to format, click Cancel.

Then check the properties. Then tentatively use the tool in the properties, click Start Check, find that the disk error cannot be checked, then find the operation, you can also use the Windows key + R to quickly open, and then enter chkdsk H:/F during the operation, (H: is your The drive letter of the SD card, /F is the repair parameter.) At this time, a DOS window will appear, wait for the repair to complete, the DOS window will automatically close. When the SD card is repaired, check the properties of the TF card, and if the display is normal, insert the memory card back into the phone to check whether the data is accessible.

If the SD card still cannot be recognized by the phone, you can try to format the memory card:

  1. First back up the data in the memory card, format the memory card, and use it again;
  2. Back up important mobile phone data (contacts, multimedia files, etc.), and restore factory settings (settings-system "more"-restore factory settings, do not check "completely erase").

If the problem still exists, please bring the purchase invoice, warranty card and your phone to the customer service center of the mobile phone for testing, and let a professional engineer solve it for you.


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