Why micro SD card is better than SD card

Why micro SD card is better than SD card

Nowadays, portable digital devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones, and dashcam are very popular. And these devices have one thing in common, that is, they all need to install a memory card to achieve better storage functions. When purchasing equipment, you will find that the types of memory cards supported by different devices are different. At present, the mainstream memory cards on the market can be divided into two categories: SD cards and micro SD cards. Which card device should we choose? Which type is better?

SD card, full name Security Card card, size is 32 x 24 x 2.1mm, more than double the size of micro SD card. The SD card data transfer and physical specifications are developed from the MMC card, and the data transfer rate is from 2MB/s to the current 100MB/s. At the same time, the SD card is also a memory card with the highest market share. Many devices support SD cards by default.

TF card, full name TransFlash memory card, also knows as micro SD card, its size is 15mm×11mm×1mm, it is also the smallest memory card at present. The micro SD card adopts SanDisk's latest NAND MLC technology and controller technology. Although it is small in size, the transmission speed is faster, which can reach 104MB/s. micro SD card also has a built-in copyright protection management system, which can effectively protect the security of stored content. TF is more suitable for storing high-pixel images and high-quality audio content.

The performance of the micro SD card is very impressive. For example, on the dashcam, the faster transmission speed of the micro SD card can instantly record the driving picture. Micro SD cards were initially used more on mobile phones that support memory expansion, but later it was widely applied to the dashcam, security camera, drones, Nintendo switch, etc. In terms of price, micro SD cards with the same capacity are also cheaper than SD cards, so many new-generation devices only support micro SD cards.

It can be seen that a micro SD card has advantages over an SD card in terms of size and transmission speed. But in terms of security, the micro SD card may not be as safe as the SD card. The SD card has a read-write protection switch that can protect the read and write data, which can protect the original file from misoperation and avoid virus attacks. However, the micro SD card can also be used as an SD card through an adapter card. Many adapter cards also have locks to protect for reading and writing. But the SD card cannot be used on micro SD card devices (size limitation).

In general, a micro SD card has advantages over an SD card in terms of price, transmission speed, and high-definition image storage. It should be noted that before purchasing a device, you must make sure that your device does not support storage expansion. If it does, remember the memory card type (SD card or micro SD card) supported by the device to avoid incompatibility or unusable problems.

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