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Why your micro SD card is always damaged by your Dash Cam

First of all, suggestions about micro SD card of the dashboard camera:

1) The Dash Cam is best to use a C10 high-speed card.

Because the Dash Cam needs to read and write quickly in the process of recording images, if the memory card does not meet the requirements, the video will be broken or even not recorded. The writing speed of Class10 TF card can reach 10MB/S.

2) If the Dash Cam is still within the warranty period, when the Dash Cam damaged the TF card, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer's after-sales service.

It is recommended to buy a famous brand of dashboard camera products with quality assurance.

3) If the micro SD card is abnormal, you can try to reset the Dash Cam to factory settings first, and then format the micro SD card. If you cannot format the micro SD card on the Dash Cam, you can put the card to the computer and try again. If it still does not work, the micro SD card may need to be replaced.

Reasons for the micro SD card damaged by the Dash Cam:

1) Plug and unplug the micro SD card while the Dash Cam is still working

Do not plug or unplug the memory card before turning off the Dash Cam. Be sure to turn off the memory card before plugging or unplugging.

Once powered on, the Dash Cam will continuously read and write data to the micro SD card. Generally, if the micro SD card is used normally without being plugged or unplugged while working, it shall not be burned out.

2) The lifespan of the micro SD card is over

If your dashcam micro SD card has been used for many years (more than 3 years), it may be that the life of the micro SD card has ended. The micro SD card is a consumable product, and its read and write times are limited.

3) Problems with the Dash Cam itself

If the micro SD card is burned out multiple times, the dashcam itself likely has a problem.

It may be a power supply problem (damage to the internal battery or large capacitor of the Dash Cam).

Generally, automobile ignition switches have four gears: LOCK, ACC, ON, and START, and their functions are as follows:

LOCK file: Lock file is to turn off all power (except anti-theft system and reading light).

ACC gear: Turn on the part of the power source that has nothing to do with starting the vehicle, and radio and other equipment are available.

ON gear: Turn on all power in the car.

START gear: Start gear, which is to start the engine and return to ON gear when loosened.

When the car key ACC gear, the Dash Cam starts to start.

When the vehicle is started (when the car key is in the START gear), due to the sudden voltage drop at the moment of ignition, the Dash Cam suddenly restarts, flashing, etc. It may be that the internal battery or large capacitor of the Dash Cam is damaged. Please check it and replace it if it’s necessary. The reason for micro SD card damage may be a sudden power failure during data reading and writing.

In addition to power problems, other chips or motherboards inside the dashcam may be damaged. In this case, it is recommended to go to a professional repair shop to repair or buy a new dashcam.

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