Data Preloading

Topesel USB flash drives can preload your marketing presentations, company information like brochures, product catalogs, or any other promotional materials, which is a creative and cost-effective method to promote your business. Any type of data can be preloaded into Topesel USB flash drives, and the following are some examples that we have previously preloaded for our customers.






Product catalogs


Company information


How to send us your data?

  • Email: You can email us your data directly if it is less than 10MB in size, and please send the information in one .zip folder.
  • Provide a download link: If your data is too large to email, e.g. beyond 10MB, then provide us a link where we could download it. The link should be to one .zip folder that contains all the contents.

Give us access to an FTP server where we can obtain the data.


What format should the data be in?

Please compress all your data into a single .zip folder when you email us or provide a link from which we download the data so as to keep the exact file structure when we unzip the folder and copy all the contents onto each flash drive.