How is a TOPESEL USB Flash Drive Produced?

Eight processes are taken before the final package of USB Flash Drives, half of them are tests involved to ensure all the USB drives that labels with TOPESEL logo work reliable and trustworthy, so to make sure TOPESEL’s 10 years history has the chance to continue.

As the core of the USB drive, each chip must pass the test before being selected to move into the unmanned SMT (Surface-mount technology) process, then comes the first test to this group of semi-finished products. Assembly is the next step which must be joint by flexible technique, but the rate of error will increase when human work is involving, which makes the three more following tests, finished- product test, test for appearance, casual test, quite necessary for the assurance of high speed working efficiency and longer lifespan USB flash drives to be produced.

The laser printing and welding process are for the production of custom USB flash drive, printed company logo or self-designed pattern are customizable all due to this process. The welding process is for customizing the different shapes of USB drives, like the welcomed key-shaped of the USB thumb drive, special heart-shaped USB drive to be used as a Valentine Day gift, unique shapes like pistol and bullet are manufacturing from this process.

Test, technique, and creative design are three core principles of TOPESEL manufactured USB flash drive.  

USB drive work flow